Ron Ziff, an experienced California Los Angeles drug lawyer, represents clients for felony and misdemeanor drug cases Los Angeles drug lawyer Ronald A. Ziff is well respected for his California criminal defense and knowledge of state laws
Los Angeles Drug Lawyer, Ron Ziff, assists with all types of California felony and misdemeanor criminal defense cases.
Attorney Profiles of the Professionals at this Los Angeles drug Lawyer group, a team of the most experienced California Drug Attorneys
Contact Los Angeles drug lawyer Ron Ziff for the area's strongest California and Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys

Practice Areas

The skilled Los Angeles drug lawyer and California criminal defense attorneys at Drug Lawyers can help with arrests and felonies
Asset Forfeiture is another area of representation for the Los Angeles drug lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney, Ronald A. Ziff
In California, bench warrant pickups are a serious matter requiring the services of a Los Angeles drug lawyer, such as Ronald A. Ziff, Criminal Defense Attorney at Law
Trust our skilled Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald Ziff, to help with California arrests and felonies
Expungement is a way to legally clear your California record, professionally handled by this Los Angeles drug lawyer and criminal defense team - Drug Lawyers
A California cocaine arrest can give you a permanent California criminal record; contact a qualified Los Angeles drug lawyer, such as Ron Ziff, for representation
Criminal Appeals and Writs are expertly handled by California's finest criminal defense attorney team - Los Angeles Drug Lawyers
California ecstasy cases can be tough without the right attorney on your side.  Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ron Ziff, is tougher than the courts.
In California, marijuana possession can be a serious crime.  Contact Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald Ziff, and learn your rights.
Contact Los Angeles Drug Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney, Ronald A. Ziff, for serious legal matters including California probation violations
California juvenile defense and teen drug issues happen every day.  Let Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald Ziff, protect your child and your family.

California Los Angeles Drug Lawyer, Ronald Ziff, services L.A., San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and statewide drug defense matters.

Los Angeles Drug Lawyer

Southern California Law Firm
Highly Skilled Los Angeles Drug Attorney

Drug and Narcotics Defense
A Los Angeles arrest for drug possession, drug sale, or narcotics use can result in a prison sentence, jail time, hefty fines, rehabilitation programs, and other stiff penalties. Don't let your future be dictated by the California courts. Contact a seasoned Los Angeles drug lawyer, such as Ronald A. Ziff, for a winning defense.

Ronald Ziff is an experienced California criminal attorney who utilizes his years working as veteran prosecutor and Los Angeles drug lawyer to defend your narcotics charges. This Southern California drug lawyer aggressively reviews the facts of each case to formulate a solid argument. From finding jail alternatives to exploring drug treatment programs, and reducing drug penalties, Los Angeles drug lawyer Ronald Ziff brings his 35+ years of knowledge of criminal defense to your case.

Los Angeles Drug Crimes
In Los Angeles, California, drug arrests are made for drug possession, drug trafficking, drug transportation, possession for sales of narcotics, and other drug crimes, that might involve one or more of the following:

When faced with a Los Angeles, California drug crime charge, there are often cases when an unwarranted arrest is made, illegal seizure is done, or the real owner of the drugs cannot be proven by the state. Only a skilled and experienced Los Angeles drug lawyer, such as Ronald A. Ziff, will thoroughly investigate the narcotics charges against you to determine whether or not there is:

  • An illicit arrest
  • An illegal search and seizure
  • Proof of possession of the drugs in question

Ronald Ziff defends clients against drug crimes in Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange, and San Bernardino counties. His decades of insightful practical wisdom combined with years of working with current statutes and drug programs have benefited hundreds of Los Angeles drug offenders. Some of the more common California drug programs include:

  • Proposition 36: Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act - Drug treatment program
  • Drug Court Program - Treatment and rehabilitation for certain non-violent, criminal drug offenders
  • Deferred Entry of Judgment (Penal Code Section 1000.1) - First time non-violent California drug offender

California Defense for Non-Citizens
If you are not a United States citizen, a criminal drug conviction for certain felony and/or misdemeanor matters may seriously impact your immigration status, with the possibly of deportation or removal. Learn more >

Contact Los Angeles Drug Lawyer Ronald Ziff to learn your rights and secure the best California drug defense possible. Free consultations are available for both California drug felony and misdemeanor charges.

Toll-Free: (800) 677-8914
Los Angeles Vicinity: (310) 477-9064

Please contact us 24/7 to schedule an appointment.

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Client Testimonials
California criminal defense attorney and Los Angeles drug lawyer, Ronald Ziff, uses his years of criminal defense experience to obtain the best possible outcome for your drug arrest

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